VAXIS Storm 5000 – Panneau Antenne

VAXIS Storm 5000 – Panneau Antenne


Receive and monitor high-quality wireless video transmissions using this compact Vaxis Storm 072 Wireless Receiver with Built-In 7″ Display. The Storm Focus 072 can receive up to 1080p60 video from…

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Your préferred solution in a crowded environment. When combine with Vaxis 1000s transmitter, the antenna provide a very powerful directional signal that will ensure that your transmission will not be interrupted.

1. Highest resolution 1080p, visually lossless
2. <1 ms (without format conversion) 3. Up to 5000ft line-of-sight transmission distance 4. RX: SDI Out *2 & HDMI Out *1. 5. Support metadata, timecode, and time trigger. 6. Built in HDMI/SDI converter


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