Stabilisateur Caméra BSWCAM G-50TI: Charge à 4,5 to 22,5K

Stabilisateur Caméra BSWCAM G-50TI: Charge à 4,5 to 22,5K


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Balance Instument:
Adopt 1.5-inch imported carbon fiber telescopic rod configuration, high strength, light weight, with super practicability.The high precision cloud platform ensures the precision adjustment of the balance. The high precision and low friction universal joint are the guarantee for the excellent balance characteristics of the balance instrument. It can adjust the position of the monitor and battery installation, and help to adjust the balance more flexibly.The g-15 system has a higher configuration standard, and the 2-way power supply interface ensures a long time shooting demand. The 2-way b-port power output interface can support more external equipment power supply and HDSDI video signal. The Swiss LEMO connector provides higher reliability for the system line. Balance instrument weight: 9.24 pounds (4.2kg)

Spring Arm:
BSWCAM G-50TI spring arm: it adopts the excellent titanium alloy spring with perfect mechanical performance. Flexible double spring arms provide better shock absorbance. Precision bearings are installed at each joint to make the operation more quiet and smooth and ensure high sensitivity. Load 10 to 50 pounds (4.5 to 22.5KG).

Vest :
High quality material is adopted to ensure the comfort of wearing. The vest can be used by people of different body weight. The adjustment of each part can be completed without tools.

Two aviation aluminum boxes are used for packaging, with the vest in a single box (50*45*29CM weight: 11KG) and the others in another box (66*50*29CM weight: 26KG).


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