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Focus Live
Miller tripods

Based in Brussels, Focus Live, a small company established by Pierre Van den Broeck, aims to promote concerts, dance and live performance of upcoming artists through their own lens to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo along with mail shoots of DVDs.

Their work takes Pierre's crew all around Europe. Shooting from places as diverse as open air festivals to dark, subterranean jazz clubs, Focus Live uses a team of four cameramen and a sound engineer. Pierre does some of the shooting, all of the directing and editing himself. "Travelling is both challenging and a real blast – finding a way to combine the event with a budget, artists and location is always interesting, to say the least." Pierre commented. "Translating a director or a choreographer's idea into something that will work in the audiovisual language of film can be challenging."

Sharpshooting and nifty editing all play their role. But it is the high quality of the equipment such as Miller tripods and Projib that makes Pierre's filming second nature. Pierre's main reason for getting out of bed in the morning is his ambition to create a perfect synthesis between the technical elements of his job and the creative drive of the artists he's shooting. Exchanging points of view with musicians, choreographers, set designers and directors is also one of the job's highlights as is the exercising of his own creative interpretation.
"It's down to me to bring the whole thing together and make the final product greater than the sum of its parts" he explains.

When first starting out, Pierre had to make use of the equipment he could get his hands on. Now, with a bit more time under his belt, he is able to select the pieces he's going to use, "There is no doubt that one of the pleasures of this job is being able to use top quality equipment. It buys you peace of mind so you can just get on and focus, in more ways than one."

Miller tripods and other gear make Pierre and his crew's life more productive, day by day.

Pierre uses Miller's Arrow 25 and HD tripod every time he shoots, also has with him the Miller DS10 and DS20 systems plus Projib to ensure he covers every eventualities. "Their robust nature, reliability, light weight and quality for price make them the best on the market."

Focus Live's next shoot is a pantomine for kids so capturing some dynamic footage shouldn't be too much of a problem. We'll see how well the tripod performs with ice cream in its mechanism. I think robust will be the name of the game here." smiles Pierre Van den Broeck.

Whatever Pierre Van den Broeck and his company covers next and wherever it takes them, one thing is for sure, their Miller equipment will always be close at hand.