MAM & Traffic

Metadata workflow

MAM Step2eStep2e MAM is a fully featured management suite for digital content. With several layers of metadata, shotlists, thesaurus, keywords and highly sophisticated search functionalities, you can make sure that none of your assets ever gets lost. Integrated in current editing or storage environments - even with Final Cut Server - Step2e MAM brings real-world workflows to your business. Simply and efficiently.

Web Interface

Step2e MAM allows you to bring your content library to the internet. Offering thumbnails, filters and different resolutions, your MAM can even be upgraded to a fully functional webbased content database.

Digital Rights Management

The DRM workflow provides you with a fully integrated layer of licence information. Amortization and music license reports are created and calculated automatically. At the same time, your media assets can be made available to third parties.

Job Scheduler

Step2e MAM also comes with a Job Scheduler that is capable of moving, copying, transcoding and uploading files according to user- defined criteria. This scheduler can be used for automated archiving, transfers or quota management. Naturally, this also goes for external ingesting.

Traffic and billing

Traffic Step2e

With Step2e Traffic, you can manage one of the key success factors of your station efficiently, reliably and with maximum profits. You can resprond to virtually every customer requirement, optimize the use of your media potential and control multimedia campaigns. Make the most of your advertising inventory.

Commercial booking

Be it automated booking of bulk orders or manually placing spots according to special requirements - Step2e Traffic delivers efficient and reliable performance. Book with competitor exclusion or plan tandem spots. The auto-fill-feature will book spots and promos into your commercial structure - with just one click.

Optimizing inventory

With Step2e, you will make the most of your media inventory. First or last spot in a block, single spots or splitscreen advertising - in future, not a single Cent will be lost. Even more importantly, you will receive suggestions as to the perfect programme environment for each individual clip.

Efficient and media independent

By using template orientated booking processes, one person can supply the entire commercial booking for several TV stations. Even multimedia campaigns with TV spots, VoD and internet banner booking can be managed and displayed efficiently.

Billing process

Invoices including all necessary transmission confirmations will be created automatically from any order and receipt of payment and dunning processes can be administered in the billing module. Additionally, data can be transferred to numerous accounting systems.